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YOU - Just an illusion??

Clearly you exist, you’re right there, looking like that, doing what you do, being you. But who are you?? Really

Most likely you have family, friends, acquaintance, possibly colleagues, team members, “hobby sharers” etc.

You have a name, a background, a personality…

You like some things, love some stuff, can’t stand others…

You have strengths, skills, qualities and challenges…

You experience a whole range of emotions and feelings…

You make choices, decisions, mistakes, you have preferences…


The truth is we have a unique perspective on ourselves. In fact there is NO-ONE else in the world who sees you the way you see you.

For every person you meet, there is a new version of you. Do you change each time? Probably not, well, maybe a little, depending on the circumstance, but the point is this

👉 someone elses impression of you has very little to do with you

👉 it’s based on THEIR values, opinions, background, insecurities, thoughts, fears, upbringing, feelings

👉 they do NOT see you as you do

You’re not only unique compared to anyone else, you are unique TO each and every person you know.

Some people can find this thought a little overwhelming or challenging, but I like to use this to help clients build self esteem; By recognising you have no control over someone else‘s perspective, you can free yourself from focussing on what they MIGHT think or believe about you….

And start focussing on what you think of yourself.

If you find yourself pre-occupied by others opinions of you, and would like help to shift your thinking, lets chat.

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