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Psychotherapy is commonly referred to as talk therapy, primarily used to help people to overcome pain from their pasts and develop coping strategies for the future. It's also effective for helping individuals define their goals, explore why they behave the way they do and achieve a better understanding of themselves and how they fit in the world around them. 

A professional psychotherapist can create a safe space to discuss and explore moods and behaviours and guide the client to fresh perspectives and renewed direction for resolving issue.


Therapy can promote self-esteem, relationships, and outlook on life.  In particular, psychotherapy can offer great relief from those suffering with depression, low mood and anxiety.  These problems can lead to lack of sleep, apathy, issues with appetite and general heath.  Ultimately many areas of a person's life can be negatively impacted, including relationships with loved ones, work life and social interactions


Therapy can be a great source of enlightenment, helping to relieve the burden of guilt and confusion that often comes with depression, low mood and anxiety.

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