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BWRT stands for Brain Working Recursive Therapy.  It's completely unique, a new form of therapy in the last 10 years, developed by Terrence Watts, the principle of The Essex Institute and respected writer, tutor and therapy practitioner. 


BWRT can transform a person's response to a specific event, fear or situation within a very short period of treatment time.  Effecting permanent change in only 1-3 sessions, this therapy can even be delivered 'content-free'. 


This means that if the subject matter is too difficult or uncomfortable for you to share, you can still expect to successfully deal with the problem.  In this therapy we are simply changing the way you think about the problem to achieve the relief.

This is such an incredibly effective and powerful method, that BWRT is now being used across the world to create quick, permanent results in reversing long held fears and reactions

Fears, habits and reactions that are triggered from the subconscious mind can be turned into preferred responses, alleviating frustrations, inconvenience, tensions and embarrassment 

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