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Hypnosis is simply a relaxed yet focussed state of mind. We reach it multiple times every day without trying: In the car, on the train, watching a film, in a meeting....

It's that moment where you realise you ‘lost’ the last 20 seconds.  That’s a hypnotic state.


Easy to reach, easy to leave, you’re always in control.


We create that state of mind in therapy and let you make incredible adjustments to your thinking in order to relieve behaviours, thoughts and emotions that are holding you back.

Psychological or emotional conflict occurs because somewhere in your subconscious is an automatic response that stops you from doing what you really want to do or believe you should do.   This causes feelings of anxiety, stress, frustration.  You know how you want to behave, respond or act but somehow you just keep struggling to achieve it.


Your subconscious locked down this response when you were young and you experienced everything for the first time, without the benefit of wisdom, experience, insight and awareness. This is how our belief system is formed and it's very powerful, No wonder we feel so frustrated!  It's not your fault.

Hypnotherapy provides a unique opportunity to 're-file' those thoughts and beliefs that are problematic to our progress and positive mental wellness.

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