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My Background

After a successful career coaching and leading business teams, I decided to dedicate my time to really understanding what causes us the stress, anxiety and emotional conflict that stops us from moving forward, over-coming fears or just feeling at ease with ourselves.  I qualified with full diplomas in psychotherapy & hypnotherapy, running my practice from Bucks.

Creating an open, trusted and relaxed environment has proven key to getting the very best results with my clients.  This focus on peace of mind and positive mind set started with mentoring young people in my late 20's, which continued through my career and to date.

I qualified as a psychometric practitioner many

years ago, helping organisations and individuals

understand  how psychological make up can

influence how people perform at work.  This

resulted in greater enlightenment, self awareness and

understanding in the workplace, relieving tensions and guiding careers.

Helping others to gain a better understanding of what's holding them back, so they can move forward.... it's at the heart of what I do and who I am.

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