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Affiliations & Registrations

Any client should have confidence in their therapist in order to get the most out of the relationship and the sessions.  Part of that can be simple transparency in terms of sharing the organisations I choose to register or affiliate with, and why. 


I'm proud to be connected to the organisations below as an indication of my

~ commitment to my continued professional development

~ adherence to regulations and codes of conduct

~ my desire to reach those who need my support & expertise 

If you'd like further information, please do get in touch.


As a professionally trained & fully insured practitioner, I've chosen to be a CNHC registrant, and am therefore I'm bound by the highest standards of conduct.

The CNHC not only raise awareness but also raise cases to government for the use of complementary healthcare to benefit residents of the UK.

As a registered member, my services to you may well be covered by your company or personal health care plan, through a reimbursement for claims process, dependent on coverage.  You can find a list of the Private Cash Plan providers that recognise CNHC registration on the CNHC website


APHP has been established for over 2 decades, driving high standards in both Hypnotherapy & Psychotherapy. 


My registration requires not only a high level of training, but also ongoing supervision, continuous professional development and access to a community of world class knowledge and networking.

Screenshot 2021-10-21 at 09.16.06.png

As a consistent supporter of the NHS, especially through our recent pandemic, it gives me great pride and pleasure to have formed this affiliation with NHS/Unite The Nation via Staff Discounts UK. 


I'm a selected mental health care provider to any signed up member through Unite The Union and NHS, offering a range hypnotherapy, psychotherapy & Coaching as appropriate. 

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