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Well, I can’t tell you if Hypnotherapy is the right path for you, but I can tell you why it was the right career path for me!

There are sooo many therapy choices out there; holistic, clinical, talk, and more that are made into acronyms than you can shake a stick at!!!

I’m someone who needs to make a change if something feels wrong or uncomfortable. I need results. I need positive movement. I recognise that this is how I approached decades of successful leadership, encouraging individuals and teams to focus on the way forward and helping them to see that change, if you want it, is possible. Whilst a gentler and very much more patient approach is clearly employed for therapy, Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy are highly solution focused therapies, helping you move from wherever you feel stuck, to the place in life you want to be.

Do you want to

- be phobia free? - be more confident?

- have greater self belief?

- drop unwanted habits?

- experience better mood and mindset?

- feel calmer and safer?

- find your voice?

- have healthier thought patterns?

If your answer to any of the above is YES, maybe hypnotherapy is for you.

Hypnotherapy offered something unique that I could use to really help my clients make positive change. ACCESS TO THE BELIEF SYSTEM. Don't worry, there's no weird "mind control" and you simply wont say or do anything you don't want to (despite what's depicted on entertainment shows!)

Your Subconscious or belief system (think of this as the part that controls your gut reactions), only has 1 job. To keep you safe. Great right!? Well, kind of. It works brilliantly when it ”files things properly”. The problem is this... Your belief system is created during “pre-maturity”, say between the ages of 2-17years old, when you’re experiencing or learning about things for the very first time. Maybe you can begin to see how this could be problematic.

Here are a couple of examples where the sub-conscious MIGHT create “false truths” based on early experiences.

~ a 4 year old is happily playing in the garden when a parent screams that there’s a huge spider by the child’s hand, snatches the child up and whisks them inside, checking them for injury. Just maybe that child is scared enough by that reaction to lock down a belief that all spiders are terrifying.

~ a shy 9 year old is picked last for a sports team, their classmates laugh and point and tell the child it’s because they’re useless.

It‘s possible, that child could experience feelings of self-doubt about their popularity, well into adult relationships and work environments.

Such events may seem un-noteworthy and “harmless” from an adult perspective, and we’ve all undoubtedly experienced plenty of similar, unfortunate experiences as kids, but, DEPENDING ON THE CIRCUMSTANCES AND LEVEL OF EMOTIONAL IMPACT, the seemingly smallest of incidents have the capacity to sow the seeds of “false belief”. It’s not about blame, it’s simply the reality of a small person trying to make sense of a complicated world.

How we interpret and experience everything for the first time, can really define how we see the world and our place within it.


Remember I referred to the subconscious as your belief system? Well, once it has taken on an initial belief (such as “all spiders are scary”), it will only seek to confirm what it already believes to be true... in other words it seeks out “confirming evidence” and dismisses information to the contrary. It IS a belief system after all. Nothing flaky, no grey areas!

In truth, we can change our thoughts, challenge our beliefs about ourselves and make positive changes in so many areas of our lives.

You may well already know (in your conscious mind) how you’d prefer to react, think, behave, feel. Maybe you’re frustrated that you’ve not been able to achieve that yet, or you feel there are somehow obstacles in your way. It’s possible that past experiences or self limiting beliefs have stopped you moving forward. Either way, you CAN make positive change.

If you’re interested in exploring how hypnotherapy could help you or you’d like to know what it feels like... you're welcome for a free consultation, at either of my studios or via Skype 👉

Questions? Just ask...

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