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WARNING: no airbrushing has been used in the making of this post (or make up, hairspray etc.😂)

I’m moving house tomorrow.

We are living in disarray.

I’m not 100% sure where anything is.

I certainly can’t find my hairdryer ... or anything sweet (I really could do with cake or chocolate).

Right now Im smiling ... yesterday there were tears.

So, why am I choosing to post about our current state of chaos instead of waiting until we’re settled into our new property, and everything is in its place and I’ve had a decent nights sleep? (not even sure when that’s happening, as our completion dates are not aligned!!)

Well, because THIS is life. REAL life. And I think it’s healthy to show the “cutting room floor” not just the “show reel”.

We are bombarded with images and stories of (seeming) perfection via every medium -

- photoshopped thighs

- spanking new purchases

- airbrushed make up

- celebrities on luxury holidays

- families gazing lovingly at each other

BUT, even though we know its just a snapshot in time, a mere fraction of a total existence, somehow it can leave us feeling as if we’re falling short, missing out, even leave us experiencing low mood or resentment.

My life is blessed, but it can be tiring, complicated, with its share of worries, disappointments and challenges.

Today I’m smiling because I’m able to focus more on the exciting future ahead. Yesterday, I focused on what I was leaving behind, the overwhelming task of working full time and packing a house up... and the undeniable mess!

So here I am sharing my messy, uncomfortable, emotional moment with you, hoping to remind you... no-ones life is made up of just the pretty pictures, so try not to compare your life to what someone else CHOOSES to show on social media.

Your life, your thoughts, your choice.

Wish me luck!

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