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WARNING: Heavy Load

What’s in the case???

I find December a very useful time for reflection. For me, looking at where I am now, what struggles I’ve endured, successes I’ve had and what challenges I continue to face, is way more helpful than randomly setting New Years resolutions based on generic ideas of how life (and I) “should be”.

Alongside this reflection, I’m seeing a lot of new clients who collectively tell me they are “not coping”. They are “overwhelmed“ with things they feel they should be able to manage, could normally manage before, or expect themselves to be able to handle.

This seems to be a fundamental reason for people NOT seeking help or perhaps not recognising they might benefit from some help; Their own expectation of themselves.

So why is this happening now?

Maybe my reflections on the past year along with what we’re hearing in therapy, might just offer you some additional food for thought.

After the turmoil, fear and disruption of the previous 2 years, there’s a very good chance you stumbled into January 2022 with some trepidation, perhaps with your fingers crossed and maybe with an unspoken wish of “for crying out loud, please let this year be better”.

I cannot imagine a single one of us would or could have truly predicted the continued challenges and horrors of 2022. Not really. War

More disease

Brexit pain

Governmental disasters

Cost of living crisis

and the rest

ALL on top of our already frazzled, post-pandemic, nervous systems.

ALL in addition to our personal challenges, griefs, daily responsibilities.

ALL continually balanced against our successes, blessings and enjoyment in life.

ALL whilst continuing to smile, raise families, fulfil our roles, “act normal”.

We have little control over the BIG stuff, that can alone overwhelm, swamp and side-swipe us. It’s important to acknowledge

👉 just how heavy the load really is

👉 that you are an incredible survivor

👉 that coping isn’t the same as managing

👉 it’s OK to find it hard

When you reflect and ask yourself “What’s in the case I’M lugging around?”, you might just remember or discover

👍 what IS in your control

👍 What you might CHOOSE to put down

👍 What you want to LET GO of

If your case is just too heavy and you’re ready to lighten your mental load, please feel free to get in touch if I can help.


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