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The Unprecedented Benefits of Self-Acceptance

Updated: Jan 5, 2022

I think broadly we all believe that self-acceptance is a positive thing. It makes sense to us; Accept yourself fully, flaws and all, and you’ll feel more contented... sound about right?

I think we can all too often under-estimate the incredible shift in outlook that can be achieved by feeling good about simply being ourselves.

The “Love Yourself” Memes, GIFs and motivational statements that saturate our social media (no bad thing!) MIGHT just over-simplify the genuine potential benefits.

Two fundamental changes occur when we feel better in our own skin -

1) We care WAY less what other people think about us

2) We tend to be FAR more gracious and kind to others

There’s a simple reason for this; When self acceptance or appreciation increases, our confidence increases too. An increase in confidence results in greater optimism and positivity. Basically we feel Safer.


It’s those (sometimes perceived) feelings of vulnerability that lead us to behave in ways we may prefer not to:

- Jealousy

- Defensiveness

- Arguementative

- Timidity

- Sulking

- Over-sensitivity

- Self-doubting

When you “like” YOU, when you “accept” and “care about” and even “nurture“ YOU... feelings of vulnerability reduce, leaving less reason to

⬇️ seek external validation

⬇️ worry what others might think

⬇️ feel threatened or resentful of other peoples achievements, looks, possessions or successes.

SELF ACCEPTANCE isn’t just a meme. It’s an aspiration for a calmer, easier more liberated mind. SELF ACCEPTANCE is the key to FREEDOM.

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