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The “jigsaw” predicament.... and how to avoid it

The jigsaw predicament often surfaces in relationships and work situations.

It's a feeling that if only you could fit a particular (metaphorical) piece of the jigsaw into place, everything would be alright.

"If only I could get him to say he loves me, this relationship would be perfect"

"If only I could get a better reaction from my boss, I'd feel positive about my job prospects"

"If only I could lose weight, I'd get invited out more by my friends"


While you're fixating on one tiny piece of the jigsaw puzzle, you're possibly failing to see the bigger picture. Reducing your line of vision to only focussing on what changes you believe YOU need to make happen, you may be failing to ask yourself a more important question...

"Do I even like the bigger picture?"

Rather than wondering how you can get him to say he loves you, step back, look at the bigger picture and ask yourself - "Is this person truly worthy of all your efforts and affections?"

Instead of dreaming up ways to "please" your boss, step back, look at the bigger picture and ask yourself - "Is this really the way I want to be treated in return for my commitments?"

In place of fantasising about shrinking down to fit in with you trim mates , step back, look at the bigger picture and ask yourself - "If they don't accept me as I am, are they really such great friends?"

Negative thought patterns are created incredibly easily, the seeds often being sown in our formative years when were so impressionable. The good news is that positive thought patterns can be created to replace them, once we've acknowledged the habit, and decided we want to make the change.

The key to this, knowing that you're worth it.

For anyone in any doubt. You ARE worth it.

If you'd like to explore how hypnotherapy can help, please get in touch for a free consultation.

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