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The 5 BIG Well-being Winners! -


Here we are, on number 3 of the 5 things that we can focus on to seriously boost our sense of well-being.

The good news is they’re far from impossible (for the most part), and chances are YOU DO THEM AUTOMATICALLY much of the time. The trick is to be aware of our behaviours around The Big 5....recognising if we need to up our game and take action - intentionally. THIS is how we maintain and manage positive well-being, and avoid, where possible, a downward spiralling in motivation or contentment.

I’m going to go out on a limb here and suggest that for many people, when they’re not feeling at their best, THIS one; Connecting With Others, can be the hardest one to crack.

As an “extroverted introvert“ myself, my energy levels are absolutely linked to my environment, and I’m much more likely to reach out to others only when I feel “recharged”. This could leave me vulnerable to (self-imposed) isolation if I’m feeling drained or fed-up.

Being aware of the HUGE value in connecting with others prompts me to touch base with loved ones at times I might not naturally feel like doing so. You see, it’s simply about being aware of what we need, and taking small steps to put our well-being back in balance.

If you find yourself becoming increasingly reclusive, introspective or isolated.... take 1 step... send 1 text... make 1 call... join 1 forum.

Your overall well-being depends on it. It can create:

✅ sense of belonging

✅ boost in confidence

✅ increased self worth

Please get in touch if you feel you’re struggling and would like to discuss this 1-2-1.

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