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The 5 Big Well-being Winners! - no.2


Who has the time right?!? I mean, learning something new takes time and effort and aren’t you already so busy?

Well I’m asking you to think about learning in a different way. It’s not all about courses, qualifications and commitments to sports programmes.

Maybe it’s more about simply being more open minded, like creating a shift in the podcasts you listen to or the books you read, or expressing yourself through arts and crafts.

There are widely considered to be a wealth of well-being benefits in developing new skills and achieving goals such as

🚀 boosting self-confidence and self-esteem

🚀 helping build a sense of purpose

🚀 fostering connections with others

🚀 enhanced feelings of self worth that can lead to better coping strategies

🚀 improved stress management

Part of these benefits are thought to be linked to goal setting. When we intentionally set a goal and successfully work towards it, we drive a sense of achievement and accomplishment.

The best bit??

The goal can be small.

In fact, small is fine.

Set the goal, commit to something new ... and every step forward will promote greater motivation.

Here’s some thoughts to get you started

👌 prepare a new recipe

👌 learn a few sentences of a new language 👌👌 fix something around the house (safely!) 👌 re-engage with an old hobby

👌 subscribe to a journal or podcast that reflects your interests, music, politics or history

👌 join a community group - virtually or in person

If however, you‘ve been pondering a bigger challenge or change in habits and circumstances for a while now, maybe I can help.

If you’re struggling with making the decision or with how to get started or even working out if it’s possible, I’m here to talk.

I offer free consultations from MK43, MK18 and online. you’d be very welcome, so get in touch.

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