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The 5 Big Well-being Winners! - no.1

Updated: Mar 31, 2022


If you seriously want to boost your sense of well-being there are endless activities, practices and ideas that you can put into place. The trouble is, so many of us just don’t seem to get round to it. It could be that we’re all just so busy, or perhaps we’re lacking motivation, or maybe, just maybe, we’ve become accustomed to feeling 5/10.

Whatever the reason, if you‘d like a simple strategy to improve YOUR sense of well-being, just follow this series each week. I’ll introduce you to the 5 big considerations, should you wish to give your WB a boost. It’s MUCH easier than you think 👌

First of all, what exactly is “well-being”? Well it might be best described as a complex combination of a person's physical, mental, emotional and social health factors. It’s strongly linked to happiness and life satisfaction. Your sense of well-being could be described as how you feel about yourself and your life.

This means that it can sometimes be positive and sometimes not. Well-being can fluctuate depending on

🔷 circumstances

🔷 how we are treated

🔷 our self esteem

🔷 events

🔷 emotional impacts... a whole raft of additional factors, that are subject to regular change!

Proactively managing our sense of well-being is a choice and an option we all have, that can keep us feeling more “ok” whatever the situation. More content, more satisfied.

On another note, it’s simply a great feeling to intentionally focus on positive mental and physical health!

No1 on the list is


We would all agree that showing kindness, empathy and support is positive. But there’s a direct correlation to our own well-being too, when we take this action.

Whilst well-being is often thought of in terms of our “physical and practical comforts”, even small acts of kindness can create a sense of purpose, belonging and connection that’s instrumental in positively impacting our mental health and levels of satisfaction.

Think about the last time you gave of your time, your energy or your resources to help

someone else achieve a goal... whatever that may have been. Without doubt, in giving, we receive.

I‘m lucky enough to know people who epitomise this trait of generosity in helping others, and I’m constantly inspired to volunteer, sponsor and collaborate, in part, motivated by their generous spirit.

So, Well-being Winner No1. = helping or giving to others. 👌👌👌

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