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Self Care Simplicity...

Does the term self-care fill you with uncertainty? I mean, what is it exactly?

For many, self-care can sound like the sort of thing we feel we SHOULD do, or possibly something that OTHER people do... perhaps people who have more time?

Self-care needn't be time consuming or feel indulgent, not that there's anything wrong with that; a little self indulgence and self prioritisation is certainly good for the soul.

But just how can you start bringing OODLES of benefit to your life, very SIMPLY?

Here's the secret... simply do stuff you like, just because you like it, and do it "intentionally".

The irony is, we do stuff we like, pretty regularly; not necessarily big stuff like spa days, holidays or gigs (certainly not at the moment!!) BUT, all those little things that have the potential to bring you joy... a hot chocolate, a long shower, a Netflix binge-watch or just a game on your phone...

We do those things we like, but not necessarily with intention. We rush them, or wedge them in between chores, or we multi-task so we don't fully enjoy them. If only we could apply the same level of importance & priority to the things that make us feel good, as we do to our work, appointments & responsibilities. Good news - you can! Treat them the same way you do those responsibilities. Schedule your little treats, reserve time to enjoy the moments & activities that make you feel good, and do them, with intention, JUST for the sake of it.

Do you want to drink that hot chocolate or reaaaaly enjoy it? It's your choice :-)

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