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Pointless Pursuit of Perfection...

Perfection. As elusive as a unicorn! It simply doesn’t exist.

Most of us set out to do our best, the majority of the time, and we’ve all heard the saying “your best is good enough“... so why do we find ourselves wishing we could do or be better?

In all honesty, getting comfortable with your best is a game-changer. Wishing for more simply brings stress, anxiety and dissatisfaction, because you can’t do better than your best!

It’s important to recognise that your best today, may well be different to your best next week or different to your colleague or friend’s “best”... but your best on any given day, IS still YOUR best.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s great to challenge yourself. Setting goals and expectations is key to achieving satisfaction and pride. When we set ourselves goals we not only have the opportunity to improve ourselves or our life in some way, but we also boost our inner confidence with every single goal we achieve...however small.

It‘s also helpful to instil an appreciation for imperfection, in our children. Whilst we want to protect them from everything scary, offer them all things wonderful and provide the healthiest is messy; Filled with imperfect moments. Showing them we‘re comfortable with “our best“ is an important lesson to share.

Tell them their best is good enough.

Know that YOUR best is always good enough.

Clients often discuss their personal pursuit of perfection with me. This can look different for everyone, but you may well recognise an example that resonates with you...

~ Never quite happy with how you look, no matter how much weight you lose?

~ Regularly re-live conversations, wishing you’d said something different?

~ Do you move the bar higher each time you achieve a goal without giving recognition to your success? .

😡 Seeking perfection is a certain route to dissatisfaction and frustration.

😊 Seeking self improvement and self acceptance is your key to feeling amazing..

Imagine that; Feeling amazing about being you! Perfectly imperfect you.

If you’d like some help resetting your thought patterns and focusing on your strengths, let me know.

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