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Mind Maintenance!...

Keeping your mind healthy, today and every day

We pretty much know how to keep our bodies healthy right? I mean, we may not always DO it, but we KNOW how to do it. Nutrition, fluids, movement, alcohol consumption, physical care... these alone, can strongly influence the health of our bodies.

You probably also have a good idea of the kinds of things that can be beneficial for our mental wellbeing too. In fact, what we eat and drink and how we treat our bodies can have a huge impact on our psychological health too, but there are other factors that can underpin or undermine a healthy mind.

We’re talking about keeping a healthy, happy, peaceful mind here. Possibly one of the greatest responsibilities of each individual on this earth. Why? Because you’re the only one able to create that for yourself.

I’m not suggesting that introducing healthy mind practices will lead to a zen-like life without challenges, upsets, problems and moments of overwhelm...BUT... I can tell you, that a peaceful mind WILL fundamentally shift your approach to difficulties and even change your perception of what really is or isn’t a problem.

Our overall sense of well-being can be lifted by including the following regular practices into our week

~ Physical exercise/ movement - boosts endorphins and sense of achievement

~ Helping others - increases our sense of purpose

~ Being peaceful - mindful or reflective practice "trains" a quiet mind

~ Learning something - every new thing we learn inflates feelings of worth and confidence ~ Connecting with others - increases a sense of belonging

By far the most POWERFUL INFLUENCE on your mind-health is YOUR THOUGHTS.

If you can recognise unhelpful, unwanted or downright unkind thoughts that you allow to settle and take up time and space...then you can MAKE A POSITIVE CHANGE.


They're just thoughts

Often unreliable, inaccurate, unhelpful

Just think for a moment about how often you’ve had a catastrophic thought about how things are going to turn out, only to discover it’s all fine in the end...

Just think about how you speak to yourself; that internal narrative that feeds your self doubts. Perhaps these relate to how you look, your perceived limitations, how you compare to others, what people must surely think of you. We simply would NOT use the same negative language with friends, family, colleagues or children.

It’s not about trying to “control your thoughts”, but it IS about “not allowing your thoughts to control you”.

Making positive changes in this space is powerful, effective and potentially transformational. If you think you’d like to focus on a healthier, more peaceful mind, change those thought patterns and feel a greater sense of inner-confidence, then simply message me YES PLEASE, and I’ll be in touch.



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