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Keep your mind clear of Christmas Chaos

The key to enjoying a potentially hectic time of year such as Christmas can be as simple as knowing you can escape for a few minutes! Whilst some people embrace all of the noise, people, activities and sensory overload of the season, for many, there's a craving for a few moments peace, solace and calm. If you haven't already found "your relaxing place", let me tell you just how simple and powerful it can be.

Find a set of earphones or a quiet room with some relaxing music playing. Take a few deep breaths and notice your breathing; see how it slows and steadies as you focus on it. Then

- create a picture of somewhere would want to be to totally relax. It might be indoors or outside, big or small, somewhere you know or somewhere you create

- think about the size and shape of your place and whether you are there alone of other people, birds or animals are with you

- now consider any smells or sounds in your special, relaxing place; what can you hear around you there

- next notice the colours, shapes and objects that are around you in your relaxing place; everything that will make it beautiful for you

- picture yourself there, doing whatever you want to be doing, as little or as much as you want

- vividly as you can, picture just how relaxed, happy and calm you are; your posture, smile and body language

By capturing a clear image of how you look and feel in your peaceful place, you can simply draw on that image whenever you need a mental break to generate the very same feelings of calm and deep relaxation again.

We all have moments of overwhelm and stress no matter how happy we are generally. Find "your relaxing place" and know that you can visit whenever you need to.

As a gift to you, I will send you a recording to take you through finding your peaceful place. Just send me a message and I'll be happy to arrange it with you.

Merry Christmas and a peaceful, happy time to you all

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