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Introducing.... Hypnosis for relaxation

I'm really excited to formally offer this service, in response to the needs and requests of clients. Whilst people often come for hypnotherapy when they have something specific they'd like to address, change or work through, it's clear there's a very real appreciation for the rebalancing benefits of reaching a deeply relaxed state, combined with scripts designed to bring about positive mental change. Maybe you want to feel more positive, perhaps more calm, or maybe even re-energised. I have the perfect session for your needs.

Maybe you'd like to try this for a one off occasion when you have a lot on your mind or a big event coming up.... and just maybe you'll find yourself scheduling hypno-relaxation sessions as part of your overall well-being approach.

What to expect:

Come and get comfortable and cosy at our beautiful therapy room

Decide how you'd like to feel after the session

Close your eyes and experience the unique benefits of truly adjusting your mindset

These sessions are available to schedule at £45 per session for a full hour. I look forward to welcoming you.

Time for you starts here....

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