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How's your inner meerkat?

When you have a worry, do you keep it to yourself?

Perhaps pretend it isn't there, tuck it on a shelf?

Do you fear reactions if you give you feelings words?

Or do you fret and overthink until your thoughts are heard?

Swallow hard and push it down and hope it can't be seen?

But it's just below the surface when you're asked "how have you been?"

You smile and yet the worry can be seen by those who care

Your mood, your tone, expression, all belie the thoughts you bear

Whatever way you worry, there is a better way

You can train your mind to clear the fog and clouds away

We all worry. It's totally normal. It would be strange if we didn't. Our primary desire is to protect our survival, so it's no wonder we sometimes feel very in tune with our "inner meerkat"; always up and alert and looking out for danger (real or imagined).

When we're feeling particularly vulnerable, we can become hyper-vigilant, seeing potential issues where others may not. This ramping up of our natural propensity to self-protect, can turn each day into an exhausting experience. The behaviour can become repetitive and potentially habitual, and which can cause us to believe it's simply part of our personality. How often have you hear someone (or yourself) say "Oh I've always been a bit of a worrier"?

Well the good news is that you can change how you deal with worries. Now more than ever, worries that once seemed manageable, can seem to escalate, as our lives remain impacted by global issues.

Maybe you feel surprisingly overwhelmed by the way your anxieties are affecting your mood, feelings or behaviour...

Maybe you're feeling a little more fearful about life in general and would like to take control of this...

Maybe you'd simply like to spend more time focused on positive thoughts, than negative ones...

If you'd like to find out how to change your thought patterns and stop worries from taking root and sending your mind into a spiral of negativity, I'm here to help.

~Get in touch

~Breathe easier

~Feel more in control



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