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If you're feeling frustrated - Maybe it's down to ancestral memory...

Updated: Dec 17, 2019

We readily accept that physical genetics are passed down through the generations; eye colour, hair colour etc but what about memories. There's a good deal of evidence that memory can be passed down through DNA too, defined really well by an experiment with mice...

The first generation of mice were faced with a maze with cheese at the end, and they took several minutes to bump and guess their way through to the other end. The next generation took a little less time and so on, until the 5th generation; these mice went directly from start to finish without a single wrong turn. How? Ancestral memory would appear to be the key; someone has knowledge of something they clearly have not experienced or learned. Depending on your belief, this could be interpreted as the rationale for those who can clearly describe and discuss previous life experiences.

In hypnotherapy, it's very useful to know someone's primary Ancestral Memory type.

Warrior - resourceful but sometimes impatient, Settler - optimistic but prone to resentment or Nomad - inspirational but can be self centred, (we're all a combination of all 3!)

Firstly, it's really useful in ensuring the most appropriate approach is used to best benefit the individual. Secondly, it can sometimes help to partially explain some of the psychological conflict a client' experiencing.

If you'd like to know your Ancestral Memory Personality, just comment or get in touch. You might be surprised by what you find!

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