FACING FEARS ... a step by step guide to kicking its butt!

Updated: Jun 6

Step 2 - re-imagine your reality

If you read Step 1, posted last week, it’s very possible that you’ve already started to demystify your fear just by really LOOKING at it; recognising what’s truly driving those unwanted responses.

So, what’s the next step? Well, you probably already have a pretty good idea of how you’d prefer to respond when you face a triggering moment, but it might seem impossible to bring this to reality.

That‘s probably because you’re trying to imagine being able to react differently, when your current responses feel so engrained, unavoidable, like a gut reaction.

You can think about your fear differently, and just like all change, it might take some practice... but boy is it worth it!

Just imagine receiving criticism at work and actually being able to concentrate on the actual words and feeling calm, objective and balanced rather than overwhelmed, humiliated or minimised!

Imagine queuing for a flight and focussing on the trip your taking and what you’ll do there, instead of your mind running riot with catastrophe.

Here‘s how to start...

👉 find a quiet time when you’re not preoccupied

👉 sit or lay somewhere super comfortable where you won’t be disturbed

👉 get clear on your “preferred response” (how you want feel, look, think in the moment)

👉 close your eyes and spend some moments calming your breathing, relaxing your body

👉 picture yourself in a triggering situation but hold onto the calm feeling

👉 let the preferred response build and SEE yourself FEELING that way

👉 put yourself IN the scene, feeling, acting and responding how you want to

👌 touch the tip of your finger to the tip of your thumb to lock the feeling in - this is called an anchor!

You can practice this as often as you wish AND use your new secret tool (anchor) when’re you feel your fear building

If you’d like a little 1-2-1 help with this, just let me know. Help us here!

Steps 3 and 4 coming soon 😊

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