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FACING FEARS … a step by step mini-guide to kicking its butt!

Updated: Jun 7, 2022

Step 3 - retrain your brain

Here we are, back for part 3 in this mini series on how to dismiss your fears.

We can kinda get used to being fearful and just accept it as part of our “lot”, but it REALLY doesn’t have to be this way.

If, like many of my clients, your fears are impacting your freedom to make choices, live confidently or even feel safe, then it’s probably time to take action. As I’m showing you through these blogs, it just takes a little bit of awareness, understanding and application in order to affect real and permanent change. How about it? Sound interesting?

If you’ve already read parts 1 and 2, then you’re ready for this next step. If not (why not?!🤣)…. Just find them exactly where you found this blog on my website, and pop back here for part 3 when you’re ready to RETRAIN YOUR BRAIN!

This is much easier than it sounds.

When you really want to create a new skill or habit, it’s surprisingly easy; like tying your shoe laces or cleaning your teeth…. Neither of which I doubt you give a second thought to. You learned to do them easily and completely automatically. Why?

Because the benefits are so compelling. 👉 No shoes = no going outside

👉 No teeth cleaning = no teeth possibly!

So, firstly you need to establish a compelling reason to lose your fear.

What is it holding you back from? What or who is being affected? What will be possible once you let go?


Now, when you first notice the fearful thoughts, it’s important to utilise a different part of your brain. This is because the emotional side can easily overcome rational thought if left to its own devices. A great example of how to do this is “random numbers”. Yep it’s exactly as it sounds. Think of random numbers, out of sequence, one after the other. This type of simple distraction technique can help you to easily break the conditioned habit. Fear IS a conditioned response to an initial thought, sounds, sight, smell etc.

The key is to notice it and intentionally interrupt it! If you can do this regularly, whenever you spot the fearful thought starting, you can retrain your brain NOT to focus on that thought or feeling over time.

It takes patience and commitment but the rewards are absolutely worth it. YOU ARE IN CONTROL.

Go back and check your compelling reason for tackling your fear one more time. THIS is what’s key to keeping you on track.

Final part next week. Feel free to let me know how you’re getting on or ask me any questions.


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