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Mental Wellness vs. The C-word Episode 2 - What are we missing about this?

Updated: Mar 29, 2020

There are many desperately difficult challenges to face into with this horrific pandemic, there's no doubt about that. In fact, our natural survival instinct may be so under threat that we're finding it virtually impossible to recognise the unexpected opportunity this unwanted situation has provided.

How often have we craved to be at home rather than in the office or on another course or business trip? Don't we normally consider home as a sanctuary rather than a prison?

We miss seeing friends and loved ones and all the social freedoms we've had to give up for now, AND IT'S HARD. All against the backdrop of medical uncertainty and horror stories....

BUT, we've already seen how resilient people can be with all sorts of creative ways to communicate, engage, socialise and share "safely". Above all of this we're getting one thing we spend much of our lives wishing for.


No more rushing from pillar to post, squeezing in family time and neglecting our self care and personal development. It's an interesting fact that we are geared to so readily see the dangers ahead instead of noticing any opportunities. This is the perfect storm of uncertainty, real threat and a very effective survival instinct, so we need to take mindful action to manage our responses. In addition to the breathing exercises in Episode 1, here are a few more tips to keep a positive mindset.

Create a routine

- even if it doesn't seem necessary, having a routine will help you to feel effective and bring about a sense of purpose to the day. It also helps break up long periods of inactivity that can be detrimental to our mental wellbeing.

Try something new

- a hobby you've wanted to try, a new skill you've been coveting, maybe explore a creative outlet you're interested in. All of these can distract a negative, preoccupied mind.

Plan for the future

- having things to look forward to can play an important role in maintaining a positive outlook, planning for how we'll enjoy life when it returns to some normality.

So, whilst it's natural and part of the human condition to fear the worst, let's encourage that other powerful emotion....


Look out this series “Mental Wellness vs The C-Word” blogs. Part 3 coming next week.

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