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Confidence need a boost?

How confident are you feeling right now?

What rating would you give yourself, truly, from 0-20?

Maybe you'd generally consider yourself as a pretty confident person. Perhaps you'd tend to describe yourself as someone who's "never been that brave" or "always been a little reserved"? Either way, if you're feeling a little short in the confidence department at this moment in time


Coping with ever changing "rules", and constant uncertainty is enough to knock the confidence of anyone, and this is evidenced by those currently seeking support in my practice.

It's interesting how easily our confidence can be affected by external factors, such what we believe others think of us, or what we believe others consider valuable strengths or traits. In addition we are exceptionally good at comparing ourselves to others - all too frequently, unfavorably. So, why do we do it?? The simple answer is that it links to a key part of the human condition - the survival instinct. "Survival of the fittest" is a very deeply embedded and primitive driver for our behaviour. However, I see that this has evolved into a self sabotaging habit, supported by the prevalence of social media consumption.

Constantly seeing how we measure up to others will always leave us focusing on where we believe we "fall short". This is because we are comparing ourselves on a particular, isolated factor

* how we look

* what we have

* how we're coping

* our parenting skills

* how our relationship's going

Inner confidence comes from recognising and truly valuing your strengths, setting and achieving goals that are important to you, and nurturing a real sense of purpose.

If you're interested in a FREE consultation to discuss how psychotherapy and hypnotherapy can aid a boost your confidence, please get in touch. You may be surprised to see how simply this can be achieved.

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