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Calling All Secret Superheroes!

I don't suppose you've given your "hero talent" much thought.

You may not have even considered you have one... but, you do.

In fact, I'll bet you're excellent at identifying other people's hero talents, without recognising your own.

Ever looked at a colleague, sibling or friend and wondered how come they

- invariably appear super calm under pressure OR

- always seem to have a funny 1 liner OR

- tend to make the most pertinent points in a meeting OR

- somehow create calm and organisation from chaos?

... you get the picture...

We are ACE at recognising what other people just seem to do so naturally. And THAT is the key; maybe they make it look natural because it's their "hero talent". It looks effortless, because it is. In fact there's a good chance they don't identify they have a hero talent either!

If your hero talent is "saying whatever's on your mind, without offending people", you probably just wonder why other people find it so difficult. You may even find it incredibly frustrating that other people aren't as "honest" or "direct" as you.

Rather than wishing we could be more like others, it would be wonderful if we could focus on our own skills and strengths, and really make them work for us.

It's very much part of our nature to dwell on the negatives in life; our brain and nervous system are hardwired this way in order to keep us aware of potential dangers. The problems start when we allow our thoughts to remain stuck in a negative spiral. This often happens when we compare ourselves unfavourably to others or place too much focus on what other people think of us.

Turning our thoughts to our strengths, plans and desires is a fantastic way to rewire the brain to greater positivity.

So, why not make your next thought "What's my hero talent?"

If you'd like a little help to drive more positive, thoughts, behaviours and habits, get in touch.

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