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Boundaries = BIG Benefits!

Healthy boundaries can completely redefine relationships & peace of mind - EPIC!

Do you have healthy boundaries in your relationship?

What about at work?

How about with friends & family?

I'm guessing, that like most of us, you've not given this too much thought.... but by making small adjustments, you can transform the way you feel, behave and think.

Let's talk about what healthy boundaries look like first. How many of these would you say are true for you in your personal &/or professional life?

* Value your own opinions

* Don't compromise your values to suit others

* You share personal information appropriately

* You're clear on personal desires & needs and are comfortable communicating them

* You can accept when others say NO

If you found it hard to relate to any of the statements above, maybe you can recognise that some of your boundaries might be too rigid or overly flexible with certain people or in particular environments?

Let's be clear, we all probably have a mix of different boundary types, depending on the setting, the circumstances & how we're feeling, BUT, it's still important to be aware, so we can make adjustments that might bring greater balance into our lives.

Rigid boundaries can often look like:

  • hard to ask for help

  • guarded with personal info

  • emotionally detached

  • keeping distance to avoid rejection

Porous/flexible boundaries might be experienced by:

  • difficulty saying no

  • dependent on the opinions of others

  • complying to avoid rejection

  • accepting disrespect or abuse

There are numerous reasons why less healthy boundaries can become established; learned behaviour, rejection, low self worth or poor self image, bullying, fear of being left out... and their potential for creating problems are numerous too, across all aspects of our lives.

Want to check YOUR boundaries? I've listed the 5 boundary types below, along with a question to get you started. NEXT WEEK - more on how to set healthy boundaries and how they can replace ultimatums!

Physical. Does how you behave reflect how you feel about your personal space, your privacy & your body?

Sexual. Do you confidently & comfortably live by your expectations concerning intimacy?

Intellectual. Are you clear on what you feel is ok around discussing your thoughts and beliefs, and find it easy to stick to?

Emotional. Are you completely at ease with what you share & hold back regarding your feelings?

Financial. Have you clear boundaries with others, that match your priorities with money?

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