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BACK TO SCHOOL..... good right?

Can you already feel your headache dissipating with the news that the kids are heading back to school?

Maybe there’s even an uncomfortable underlying hum of guilt over your internal rejoicing at reclaiming some time, space, sanity!

No need for guilt. No need at all. If you’ve been home-schooling, you have my utmost respect, and the respect of many of us who’s children are, thankfully, well past that age or stage in life.

You’ve been doing a number of jobs you perhaps felt completely unqualified and unprepared for, and whilst there have undoubtedly been a variety of emotions

😢 🤬 😫 😤 🥴 🙄 😮 🤫 you did it! Kudos to you!

So now, it may just be that you’re facing a new challenge...

Hopefully your children or grandchildren are super-excited to get back to their school, their friends, their structure. Even so, there may be signs of anxiety as they face another big change to their circumstance.

I don’t think I’ve spoken to a single adult who, whilst desperate to see friends and family, hit the gym, the shops, the pub, or the Costa del sol... aren’t “aware” of some little aspects of their old world they’ve comfortably lived without for the past year. Not everyone is super-excited to get back to the time-consuming commute, or pick back up some of those dutiful (but maybe tedious) busy-busy commitments, or even face into the constant pressures of social comparison again.

We all miss our freedoms, but we’ve adjusted to a new way of living, and for most of us, it’s not all been 100% bad. For children, theres no reason to imagine it’s any different. New teachers, new set-up, new protocols, new year, new friends or even new school!

Little anxieties are absolutely normal, and completely ok....

Here’s a few tips that might help smooth the way


Not all kids can, or will, verbalise their feelings; you may just notice a change in mood, concentration or sleep for example.


Maybe simply use family time/meal times to ask what they’re most looking forward to, and then.... least looking forward to.


Tell them how you felt about a recent change you’ve experienced, or for the little ones, maybe ask them what their favourite character or superhero would do.


Talk through where their worries have come from, and help them find ways to think of positive possible outcomes.


Ask what would help... we often assume we need to have all the answers for children, but simply asking and listening provides the best platform to help.

Times are a-changing again folks. I’m offering free consultations for you to attend with your child if you’d like to discuss how hypnotherapy, psychotherapy and coaching could help with any anxieties that might be surfacing in light of the imminent return to school.

call : 07871197974


....Or just complete the contact form on my home page


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