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anxiety... quieten the noise, slow the frenzy

If you're all too familiar with the unwelcome onset of anxious feelings, then you may find great relief in hypnotherapy. I've seen many clients who assumed their feelings of overwhelming worry, spiralling thought patterns and catastrophising was just "how I am"...

In fact, we can get almost comfortable with these feelings; familiar, recognisable, "normal"

We all worry sometimes, & it's part of the human condition to follow a negative thought pattern; The "what if the worst thing happens?" feeling. Sound familiar? Well that's because we're design to consider the worst outcome in order to fulfil our soul purpose of surviving. However, if you frequently experience a frantic & anxious mind, without really understanding why, if negative thoughts ricochet around your head without resolution & if a peaceful mind seems impossible, you might find great relief in hypnosis.

Some signs & symptoms that you may have anxiety

excessive worry, irritability, muscle tension, headache, restlessness, poor concentration, fatigue, sleep disturbance, nagging doubts, butterflies, avoiding social situations, dry mouth, lost appetite, racing heart

This isn't how it needs to be. There is relief. You can change the pattern. Quieten a noisy mind.

A couple of useful tips for you if you notice your mind getting noisy

Firstly - stop, breathe deeply and slowly and think of something calming (the best possible option here is your "relaxing/safe" place, I can help you to create this)

Secondly - when you're feeling slightly calmer, simply acknowledge the negative thought pattern; just recognising that you're focussing on the worst possible outcome is an important step. Then you ask yourself this, "what do I really want to happen?"

Sounds so simple, but by focussing on your preferred outcome you will immediately start thinking about a solution. A much better & more positive use of that powerful mind of yours!

It's a well researched fact that circa 95% of what we worry about, never happens, and for the 5% that does, we ALWAYS decide what action to take.

I won't tell you not to worry, but I will tell you not to suffer in silence....

Reach out if I can support you

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