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A relaxed mind... free gift from me to you

This is a difficult time for most people. The on-going uncertainty around Coronavirus is, I know, creating additional worry and anxiety for many. The subject is never far from people's lips and we're witnessing some of the most selfish and irresponsible behaviour imaginable, alongside wonderful examples of genuine compassion and consideration for neighbours and strangers.

I see clients 1-2-1, so there's minimal risk of being in a public group but I've taken additional steps to remove all possible risks to ease my client's minds; extra sanitising of all surfaces and hand washing between client sessions. Plus I'm offering Skype as an alternative to face to face sessions, as I use this very successfully already with some "distance" clients.

Today I'm offering a free anti-anxiety hypnosis recording TO ANYONE who is feeling a little more anxious than normal.

No charge, no obligation, no explanation required. I'd like to help as many people who are feeling a little overwhelmed or troubled .

All you need to do is send your name and the word "download " to my mobile

07871197974 and I will send you the download on WhatsApp.

Difficult times will pass, take care and be kind to yourself always

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