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FACING FEARS … a step by step mini-guide to kicking its butt!

Updated: Jun 14, 2022

Step 4 - Take Back Control

Here we are, the final step in this mini series.

Thank you for your messages, questions and comments, it’s so great that you engage with these posts.

If you’ve not read the previous 3 parts, just head to the blog section of my website (where this post originates), and you can catch up in no time at all.

If you’ve read them but have struggled to put the steps into action, please feel free to reach out to me for guidance. Resistance isn’t unusual, even when we really want change. Something compelling can seem to pull us back to familiar (even if unwanted), behaviours.

This final step, however, can be a big eye-opener as well as a game changer. It requires 1 thing. That you pause.


Then you can step back and observe. When we are “caught up” in fear, we‘re right in it, overwhelmed by it, taken over by it.

I’m asking you to feel the fear, then PAUSE.

Take a mental step back and become a passive observer; take the opportunity to deepen your awareness of the changes in your

👉 thoughts

👉 breathing

👉 physical self

Observe the changes, don’t try to stop them or stop them from changing. Awareness of what is really happening for you in the fearful moment; recognising the core trigger of your fear, will lead to greater acceptance and understanding. THIS, in turn will allow the feelings to be acknowledged and the fear to pass more quickly.

Often our fears are born from incidents, comments or reactions we experience pre-maturity. This means they rarely have a valuable place in our adult lives. They’re often outdated, unwanted, sometimes seemingly irrational.

Observe, Learn, Shift.

Deepening your self awareness is powerful. Knowledge is indeed power, and you will have armed yourself with greater understanding through this strategy, therefore lessening future fearful moments.

Is it time?

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