Amanda Rowe Hypno DHP

clinical hypnotherapist, psychotherapist, life coach & BWRT practitioner
~helping individuals overcome their emotional & psychological obstacles 

~speaker at events & conferences for organisations, teams, charities & schools

Proudly registered with APHP and CNHC.  Private Health Cash Plans are increasing in popularity and can offer additional health cover for individuals often at minimal monthly cost.  Policies can be funded by an employer or purchased by an individual, for themselves or for their family.  They work by processing claims for reimbursement for healthcare costs not funded by the NHS or private medical insurance policies.  Each company offers different levels of coverage, which reimburse for costs of varying therapies to set annual limits.

A list of Private Health Cash Plan providers that recognise CNHC registration for reimbursement is available on CNHC website

Covid-19 working practise

Helping manage anxiety & overwhelm in these unprecedented circumstances.


I've had very successful results helping distance clients via Skype (free app). At this difficult time, I'm delighted to be able to offer this option to any new & existing clients to support social distancing.  As a key worker, I'd also like to reassure that any face to face sessions are conducted with strict distancing & sanitisation procedures in place in a private and spacious therapy suite. 

Private Therapy

Helping you to make positive change with hypnotherapy, psychotherapy, coaching & BWRT. Guiding you through a personalised programme of confidential sessions based on a full FREE consultation of your presenting difficulties. Also available via Skype (free App).

£65 per session

(discounts for multiple appts)

Maintenance sessions

Dedicated time to 'check in' on your well being, discuss current challenges & life experiences.  A responsive combination of hypnotherapy, psychotherapy and coaching, to bring about balance, clarity, and peace of mind. Also available via Skype (free App).

£50 per session

Hypnosis for relaxation

Creating time for physical, emotional and mental health pays huge dividends to our overall sense of well-being.  Take an hour to drift into hypnosis to leave you feeling either positive, calm or re-energised, as required. Also available via Skype (free App).

£45 per session

Fears & Phobias

Be free from whatever causes you to cringe, cry or avoid situations, people or activities, bringing you new freedom & contentment

Stress & Anxiety

Deal with the underlying causes of these emotions for a peaceful mind and the alleviation of unwanted symptoms and behaviours

Obstacles to Progress

Identify & address the false-truths within the subconscious that have been stopping you from making the changes you really want to make

Pain & Grief Management

Whether pain is physical or emotional, it can be utterly debilitating.  Hypnotherapy is excellent for managing emotions and pain levels

Habits & Behaviours

Smoking, nail biting, gambling...we address not just the habit but the 'benefits' they sometimes give us, freeing you to embrace change


sometimes the only thing holding us back is our own belief system.... it's simple to change if you have the desire to do it

I  can help

We all carry fears, phobias, emotions and responses that we'd prefer to change, especially when they encroach on our relationships, progress and happiness.


  Recognising this and deciding to make a change can be challenging; I'm here to guide you towards the peace of mind you want and deserve. 


Gaining freedom from behaviours we feel are simply part of our make up, can be pivotal to transforming areas of our lives where we previously felt stuck, anxious or frustrated.

I use psychotherapy, hypnotherapy and BWRT to work through the underlying causes of the presenting issues, working with my clients to reach their potential.

About me

Decades as a senior leader & coach in business afforded me a great deal of insight as to the many pressures placed on us as individuals; by others, our responsibilities, by our own beliefs around how we should feel and behave. 


After leading on many people development programmes,  I decided to dedicate my onward career to the psychological health of others.


I qualified in psychotherapy, hypnotherapy and BWRT on the programme of world renowned Terrence Watts. 

just like sand in your shoe, when you remove what's niggling you, everything feels more comfortable

I wasn't 100% sure exactly what to expect with hypnotherapy at first, but it was so relaxing, I was happy to return.  I'm so glad I did .  My relationship  has improved hugely, my mood has lightened stabilised and I feel less anxious

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