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How to remain authentically you, now the restrictions are lifting

Ever felt like you have a be a different version of yourself dependent on who you're with?

Let's be honest, it's not entirely unusual to find we adjust our approach, tone, language and demeanor to fit the situation or company that we're in, BUT, how do we avoid misrepresenting ourselves?

It's true that when we feel our most at ease and comfortable in our own skin, there are some key benefits to be realised;

1) we are MUCH less likely to be critical of others -

It can be difficult to be complimentary and gracious around other people's success, achievements or even physical appearance when we're feeling insecure ourselves.

2) we care WAY less about what other might think of us -

It's easier to focus on what we want, and get clarity on our thoughts, opinions and identity with inner confidence

Lockdown has restricted our direct exposure to multiple external opinions and influences, and has potentially "protected" us from chances to get caught up in the unhelpful habit of comparing ourselves unfavourably to colleagues, friends or family members. In fact, it might be said that lockdown has allowed us to establish a better sense of who we are.

A good example of this would be watching the gradual changes in behaviours of video conferencing call attendees over time; out went the formal shirts and jackets... and in came the more relaxed wardrobe, personalised coffee cups and pets wandering around in the background. People started to be more themselves.

Maybe you yourself have become aware of feeling a little anxious, resistant or uncomfortable at the thought of rejoining certain environments...

Perhaps you feel you may need to modify the true version of yourself that you've become rather comfortable with over the last year...

Maybe, just maybe, you recognise the importance of being authentically you.

Every single person you meet will create a different version of you for themselves. That version is based on their values, upbringing, insecurities and opinions.

You cant fight it. You cant change it. You can only be you.

So try to notice situations that make you feel uncomfortable, challenged or insecure, and ensure you are being a version of yourself YOU like. That's what really counts.

Want some guidance on inner confidence or coping with lockdown lifting? I'm here.

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