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FACING FEARS ...a step by step guide to kicking its butt!

STEP 1 - get up close & personal

Fear is a habit. It can be incredibly powerful ... but it’s key to recognise its US that give it the power.

Maybe the mere thought of spiders makes your skin crawl, or just imagining looking out of a 16th floor window breaks you out in a sweat. Perhaps being asked to present at a major work meeting leaves you full of self doubt, dreaming up every single way you could mess it up, or does being invited to meet a new crowd result in a crisis of confidence?

Whatever your fear, it can be truly debilitating.

Sometimes we can “rationalise” our fears by the narrative we tell around them; how your brother scared you with a rubber spider in the garden when you were just 5 Years old, or forgetting your first gymnastics routine at a competition aged 7 (yep, that’s me!)

Then there are those OTHER fears. You know, the ones that make zero sense, that leave us with an uneasy feeling at the slightest hint of a trigger.

Whatever your fear, you control of it. You CAN decide how much power it gets, how much disruption it causes, the limitations it places on your life.

STEP 1. Pull back the curtain.

👌 See it for what it is. Look it square in the eye. Treat it like a person you’re observing and wanting to get to know. 👌 Recognise how it makes you feel, your physical responses and thoughts, your reactions and feelings. 👌 You can keep a note and track any patterns; it’s incredibly empowering to take action and can truly help you to break the fear “habit”.

Try this, and stay with it.

👉 You weren’t born with this fear

👉 It doesn’t belong to you

👉 You can change it

STEPS 2-4 over the next 3 weeks!

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