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Episode 4 - Mental Wellness Vs. The C-word

The kids are alright...

Structured routine, super relaxed spontaneity or somewhere in between... everyone's doing their best to create a safe environment for their children as we navigate these uncertain and highly disruptive times.

The subconscious mind absorbs so much information "pre-maturity" as we hear, see, feel and experience everything for the first time. Without the relevant awareness, experience and context, the messages that get locked down can be a little confused. This has the potential to create psychological conflicts and niggles throughout adulthood.

However you choose to keep your children (and yourselves!) sane and safe during social distancing, I'd strongly recommend

* limiting their exposure to the constant newsreel of COVID-19, including TV reports, phone calls and adult conversations

* using something simple and familiar for the little ones such as "the world has a cold, so we're staying away until it feels better"

* encouraging questions about how they're feeling so they can feel reassured and safe

I'm offering a free relaxing children's hypnosis recording TO ANYONE who would like this to listen to with their children.

No charge, no obligation, no explanation required. I'd like to help as many people as possible.

All you need to do is send your name and the word "kids" to my mobile

07871197974 and I will send you the download on WhatsApp.

Difficult times will pass, take care and be kind to yourself and others, always.

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