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Desperately Seeking Serenity...

How does this picture make you feel?

peaceful? reflective? calm?... in need of some quiet?

We spend so much time in busy, demanding environments, it's no wonder we crave some serenity. The noise of life can be deafening as we flit between work commitments, social interactions, family life and a multitude of chores, duties and responsibilities.

We can find ourselves and our precious time, becoming almost lost in our endeavors to do whatever it takes to "succeed".

So, while we're busy cultivating our careers, generating our "lifestyle" and creating our homes, is it possible we've lost sight of what true success means to us?

The overwhelming onslaught of advertising for desirable possessions, holidays and services can have us aspiring to acquire the latest model/ version/ style, just because it's available...

BUT...when given the choice to describe our perfect scene, we so often claim to be searching for, yep, you know it.... peace, calm, tranquility.

Minimal living; shepherd huts, camping, pods, yurts, being out in nature, with minimal interruptions and time to simply "be", seems to really stir the desire of so many. The yearning to return to a simpler life, switch off the phone, kick back and find that peace of mind is extremely tempting and evocative, (I bet you can literally feel it right now!).

Whilst it may not be feasible to live this way in our everyday lives, maybe there are some small adjustments we can make to bring a little more serenity into our thinking, our actions, our world. Small adjustments, with significant benefits.

Here are my top 5 tips:

# "why" before you buy - before you click the order button or flash the card, check in with what the purchase offers you. Limiting "impulse purchases" not only saves money but also tempers the habit of simply wanting more.

# nature for nurture - don't under-estimate the huge benefits of feeling the earth beneath your feet, spending time amongst trees and plants or breathing in sea air and beautiful scenery.

# declutter for clarity - by consciously reducing your possessions, you can create valuable space, both practically and psychologically, simply by living with less.

# focus on freedom - really celebrate time to relax, reflect, recharge and engage with people, places and past-times you love... instead of celebrating simply "being busy"

# strengthen self awareness - spend 3 minutes each morning simply checking in with you

eyes closed and sitting/ laying comfortably

1 min becoming aware of how your body is feeling as 1 single entity

1 min becoming aware of the pattern, pace and feel of your breathing

1 min becoming aware of your thoughts, the patterns, volume and mood

If you're wondering if you really NEED a little more calm in your life, just look back at that picture and see for yourself :-)

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